Res, ens, obiectum


Abstracts submission deadline: 30th July 2021

Papers submission deadline: 30th April 2022


In the history of western thought, the notions of ‘res’, ‘ens’, ‘obiectum’ (and their correspondents in ancient Greek and in modern languages) are called upon in various ways and from various points of view in the context of philosophical discourse, its premises, its development and its argumentative and/or demonstrative aims. In the course of ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary philosophical reflection, there is constant reference to these notions, for example (1) on the metaphysical level of the examination of the substantiality of what ‘objectively’ is or subsists; (2) on the ontological-relational level of the determination of the catalogue of ‘things’ that are; (3) on the epistemological or gnoseological level of the foundation and constitution of what stands as the ‘objective’ content of thought and knowledge. Proposals are therefore solicited for articles relating to these different thematic areas, which, while taking into account lexical and terminological elements, shed light on some of the different aspects of the history and theoretical meaning of these notions.

In accordance with Synthesis’ spirit, contributions are expected to provide a theoretical analysis by assuming both synchronic and diachronic perspectives: that is, since the problems connected to the notions of ‘res’, ‘ens’, ‘obiectum’ are anything but new, it can be illuminating to consider the forms that they assumed in different philosophers in different historical contexts (through, for example, a comparison between two authors who have lived far apart in time, or by focusing on the historical dependence of one position on another, or by examining the theoretical value of past philosophical reflections and their significance for ongoing debates, and so on). The aim is to put different philosophers and different historical perspectives in dialogue in order to shed new light on this matter.

Papers should be submitted by 30th April 2022. However, a first selection will be done on Abstracts. Abstracts should be sent by 30th July 2021. Decision notifications on Abstracts will be sent by 30th October 2021.

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